Camp ParsonsIn 2019, Camp Parsons proudly opened on 22 acres of land in Cumberland County, with a simple desire to offer a transformative youth wilderness experience to grpus from all over Virginia, regardless of their ability to pay.  In the short time since opening, we have accomplished a great many projects.  We have built six permanent camping sites, each with its own raised cement floor pavilion, picnic tables,fire ring, trash receptacle and six individual tent pads and hammock stands per campsite.  We've built two permanent buildings for storage and maintenance and a large central camp pavilion for dining or outdoor classes.  Additionally, we have added access roads, electrical power, clean running water and a health and safety lodge.

Most importantly, the above accomplishments have allowed us to host youth groups from all over the state.  In 2021 alone, we added ten 12'x12' cabins, a central stage pavilion, tomahawk range, bb gun/slingshot range and an archery range.  Additional activity spaces are in the planning stage to maximize the experience for the kids using Camp Parsons.

Camp Parsons is solely supported by the generoisity of donors such as yourself and receives no state or federal funding.  it is the mission of the camp to provide access to the camp free of charge, regardless of youth group affiliation.  It is so very important for youth to have access to outdoor activities.  There is no question that children of all ages, even adults, benefit from time spent outdoors.  Camp Parsons' mission is to provide access tot he outdoors for all youth groups, without barriers.

Camp Parsons

Providing outdoor programs and camping opportunities to youth groups at no charge to those organizations.


   214 Wood Haven Trail
         Cumberland, VA 23040


   1100 Huguenot Springs Rd
         Midlothian, VA 23113